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How to stay in the the best hotel room

To begin with, I would divide the principles of getting “better numbers” depending on the category of the country. 1st category: destinations such as Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia. It is in these countries that the most acute problem of settling tourists in the rooms is horror stories. Those. numbers that do not really correspond to the descriptions of categories of rooms in catalogs and on sites. Almost in every hotel, whether it is 3 * or 5 * (although this applies to good five-star hotels to a lesser extent - they value their reputation) there are rooms that, by their essential characteristics, are worse than the main number stock. These are rooms in the basement, smaller in size, with defective bathrooms, with a view of the wall at a distance of a meter, etc. I call them scary numbers. Worst number And hotels, somehow need to fill them too, do not lose the same profit in the end. Therefore, it is not uncommon when tourists are trying, at least for one night, to “shove” into the room for the “picky”. If a person doesn’t care, then he can live the entire vacation in such a room, if he doesn’t care, he will most likely be resettled either for baksheesh immediately or for free, but “tomorrow, drug, tomorrow”. The second situation is when you accidentally come across a room in which something does not work: air conditioning, a shower, a door lock, a TV, etc. There is probably no malicious intent on the part of the hotelier, just as the Americans say “shit happens” (which, in a not very literal translation, means “everything happens.” I usually recommend my tourists (and I do the same myself) to check if everything in the room works, because when you unpack everything, go to the toilet and find that the drain does not work, changing the number will be more difficult and longer and you will most likely have to call a plumber who is not in a hurry or forget about you at all. If you If you were traveling with your family, then in general it is best to leave part of the family with the things at the reception, and go yourself to check what kind of room you were given.   Then we move on to the next item on our list. It happens that after watching advertising brochures, you expect a chic room with one big bed and green curtains with red polka dots, and you get a room in which everything seems to work, and everything is as big as it was stated on the website, but the curtains are red and the beds are 2 separate. Many of you will sigh sadly and think that this is fate and indeed in life they are rarely lucky and will stay in this issue of “not their dreams.” But there is a way out! And the way out is very simple, especially in European countries. All you need to do is ask to show you other available rooms of the same category, voicing your wishes, it is likely that the next door will be exactly what you dreamed when you chose a hotel in a stuffy office. The main thing - you need to ask politely and kindly. I remember for a long time I rested in early October at the Evi Hotel in Rhodes in Greece. This is the very end of the season and the hotel was half empty, but for some whim of the receptionist they gave me the key to the room in the farthest building and with a balcony stuck in the building opposite. Of course, I went to the reception and politely asked me to be given a number in the main building. Needless to get it without any questions.   A couple more examples of checking in hotels A couple of years ago, I went to Hurghada, Egypt, on a last minute trip. I had booked a standard room at the Grand Resort Hotel. Immediately after landing, I went to ride a kite, and only in the evening weary got to the hotel, dreaming only of dinner and a comfortable bed. Since all the charters arrived earlier, there was no queue for the keys, and I hoped that in 5 minutes I would sip a beer at a table on the open veranda of the hotel ... Seeing feeling this, sly Mahmoud, and perhaps Ahmed was in charge of the keys, began to torture Do I not want a room with a view of the pool and on the second floor with a hint that for $ 20 it can give me such happiness. I tell him that I do not care, they sat down anywhere, only faster. He is again for his own, maybe a good room on the second floor of the pool. I told him again: "I do not care, I only sleep there." In the end, he gave up the keys and I went to look for my room ... What was my surprise when I found my room on the 2nd floor and overlooking the pool.