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Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Maldives. Hotel reviews, and hotel map

Hotel address: South Male Atoll
Об отеле
  • Number of floors: 1
  • Number of rooms: 50
Staff languages
  • English
  • Wi-Fi in public areas
  • Restaurant
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Mini bar
  • Hairdryer
  • Safe
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Swimming Pool
  • Gym / Fitness Centre
  • Spa

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Aleksandra Z
Room number 842
Room type Sunset Water Villa with Private Pool
Lived in: September
Отлично General condition of the room Отлично Wi-Fi in the room Отлично Quiet and peaceful in the room Отлично Room temperature Отлично Room location Отлично Matching expectations / photos
*Automatically translated review
The perfect wedding vacation
My husband and I spent a week of their wedding holiday in Vadoo island from 10 to 17 September. Everything was just perfect. When at the end of the stay the hotel Manager asked our opinion about what they should improve, the answer was simply nothing. Perfect service, excellent cuisine (large selection, everything is always very tasty, service great, you feel at the most expensive restaurant every meal). Special attention deserves the work of Butler Vijendra, who was assigned to our Villa. Very smiling and polite, we answered all questions and fulfilled all of the wishes on the first call:) Every day before dinner they brought us little snacks in the room, which was really nice. <br /> <br /> The island itself is small but very well maintained and cozy, bursting with greenery. The island has a community pool, 2 bars, a main restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, (in this way, we had 1 great dinner, which included), SPA.<br /> <br /> All villas are on the water passing along in the ocean bridge villas have a Jacuzzi and a small pool with a magical view of the ocean. The room was always clean, cleaned quietly, while we were gone, and generally no one bothered, it was a constant feeling of privacy. We lived in a Villa with a view of the sunset (room 842), before the eyes have always been the ocean. Every day was pre-arranged directly at the Villa, very live corals, lots of fish! Do not even have to take a trip on the house reef. <br /> <br /> The only negative is inconveniently placed air conditioners that blow towards the head when lying on the bed. At night we had to turn the air conditioner on one side and sleep on the other side of the bed. But the bed, fortunately, most or even two we slept on the other side:))<br /> <br /> I note that some villas on the opposite side of the bridge (with views of sunrise) come to the island the hotel and also in the distance is another residential island. <br /> <br /> The overall impression from this stay excellent. We were in the Maldives for 2 weeks, first week spent at another hotel for a change. The hotel which we also liked, but they are different type of travelers. On the first island was where to walk, was a lot of fun included in the price, but there was no such service and cuisine. <br /> <br /> On the island of Vadoo should go for privacy, elegant fork, excellent food and top level service! <br /> <br /> Thank you Vadoo for this experience!
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Room number 834
Room type Sunset Water Villa with Private Pool
Lived in: February
Нормально General condition of the room Плохо Wi-Fi in the room Отлично Quiet and peaceful in the room Отлично Room temperature Нормально Room location Нормально Matching expectations / photos
*Automatically translated review
The Maldives - super
<br /> Low speed of the Internet; on the island actively bring tourists from other Islands for the day's tour, a lot of them, they take all the sunbeds, always busy pool; small pool; nearby is the construction of Islands and on one side the view is awful; the island has no sandy beach, only shallow water for snorkeling, which makes one wonder about the alternative; Villa (we had 834) is clearly in need of renovation; small excursions, while they are expensive<br /> <br /> +<br /> Very good service, tasty and sufficient food, quality alcoholic drinks, are good Japanese restaurant, great Villa with everything you need, stunning views of the ocean, blizost to the airport
Room number 902
Room type Sunset Water Villa with Private Pool
Lived in: August
Нормально General condition of the room Нормально Wi-Fi in the room Отлично Quiet and peaceful in the room Отлично Room temperature Отлично Room location Отлично Matching expectations / photos
*Automatically translated review
Water villas, spicy food
For the price, of course, people want more. But I would not put 2, the hotel is good, not far about a 15-20 minute boat ride from the pier to the airport and Greeted with drinks at the restaurant, arrange a visit, drove the little car to the furthest water villas. Water villas with ocean views, silence and solitude, swimming really is where, although not as convenient as on some other Islands, however the island is very small and bored in less than a week easy, and the food and service is really poor. Weather in August 3 weeks 3 days continuous rain, i.e., as if came to the dry season in February-March.<br /> <br /> Restaurant. <br /> In August, at the dinner of the possible 4 sets of 3 with spicy dishes, although the pre-specified there are no sharp in them, every time the waiter said that everything is fine, and each time had to change to a new set, in the end, plus that one evening all the sets tried, but was great with a face as if we paid for it. But, except for spicy, it was delicious. Meals small.<br /> <br /> Room. <br /> Nice, big, on the West side, in the evening a beautiful sunset. The number 902 is not very new, but there is a small pool on the terrace overlooking the ocean, private stairs to water, terrace, fenced off from the neighbors, the bathroom glass floor for bathroom under the open sky Spa bath. With a large bed with a nice view of the ocean through the panoramic wall-to-wall window, which is the entrance to the bedroom from the terrace, you can access entirely. In General the staff is working well. Later that evening, Butler was after 3 minutes, brought ordered other pillows, the benefit, as mentioned above, the island is small and far. Bathrobes, towels, including beach, were in place, they even had raincoats. Extra pillows in the room. Tea, coffee, electric kettle, Hairdryer. Two sinks, shower. The machine and a second TV in the bathroom was not. A compliment in the form of plates of desserts in the room. And, of course, on the terrace a couple of life jackets, apparently just in case)<br /> <br /> Service.<br /> The guy who met us and accompanied worked well. The restaurant still need to work. Butler responds quickly to requests.
Александр А
Room number 833
Room type Sunset Water Villa with Private Pool
Lived in: January
Отлично General condition of the room Отлично Wi-Fi in the room Отлично Quiet and peaceful in the room Отлично Room temperature Отлично Room location Отлично Matching expectations / photos
*Automatically translated review
Spent a great vacation island Vadu. I especially want to mention the friendly, helpful staff, ready to help with any questions. And of course, very pleasing to gorgeous views of the ocean and the neighboring resort. Bungalow 833
Sergey K
Room number 904
Room type Sunrise Water Villa with Private Pool
Lived in: January
Отлично General condition of the room Нормально Wi-Fi in the room Нормально Quiet and peaceful in the room Отлично Room temperature Отлично Room location Отлично Matching expectations / photos
*Automatically translated review
A heavenly place
The hotel is situated on a tiny coral island green.<br /> <br /> In the Maldives for the first time, to compare with, but the hotel seemed very decent.<br /> <br /> Room - water Villa #904, the latest in a series of facing island to the East and to the male. The Villa is situated so that you feel privacy.<br /> <br /> Who expects Paradise, it can feel until you put next to a family with three young and forever screaming children;<br /> <br /> Any formal dresses, no heels You do not need, including new year's eve dinner. Guests at a party are dressed in light summer dresses, t-shirts and shorts. But the restaurant (even on the street) do not let men in t-shirts must be covered shoulders.<br /> <br /> The staff does not speak Russian, but pretty normal in English;<br /> Lunch, Breakfast and dinner menu;<br /> When you check in, while I prepared the room, personalno was performed and showed the island;<br /> At the beginning of January for 3 days it was very windy;<br /> Upon arrival, brought us fruits and a bottle of champagne, sometimes brought fruit and candy.<br /> In bars, There are paid (10-12$) and &quot;free&quot; cocktails;<br /> No rental of water sports, like surfing, because of the reefs, but it is rather a plus, no extra noise.<br /> A strong current is not always allowed to enjoy the underwater world.<br /> <br /> Pros:<br /> - Fast (paid) transfer to hotel by boat 30 min.<br /> - In the room: Jacuzzi, pool, shower on the stairs when you exit the ocean, free wifi slow but its probably not (0,04 Mb/s), safe, fridge-Minibar;<br /> - Two bottles of water in the room bring every day;<br /> - Very few people, even in the Christmas holidays. For 10 minutes you could meet any one person.<br /> - The price includes rental of fins and masks can not drive.<br /> - The island has a pool with a bunch of empty chairs. <br /> - Beautiful house reef, Stingray and turtle, for the underwater world you can not go anywhere.<br /> - Very few children, and no there is for them no extra entertainment.<br /> Very tasty, high quality and beautifully decorated, the food (abdomen never hurt);<br /> In forks there are almost no insects;<br /> <br /> Cons:<br /> Day very audible engines always scurrying by,boats and boats that in General not much concerned about;<br /> - The room is very little available outlet, or rather 2;<br /> - Shisha at the beach bar there, but the price is 67$ and it does not know how to do;<br /> 1 January on site, staged quite noisy corporate event for staff where guests were clearly strangers in this celebration of life of the proletariat;<br /> - Loud rumbling 2 is not very chilly air conditioner.<br /> - Jacuzzi in room was not working but after contacting repaired;<br /> - Breakfast from 6:30 to 10:00 ( could extend at least up to 11);<br /> - Wifi only in the rooms but its probably not (0,04 Mb/s), and on-site anywhere;<br /> - At the sign &quot;do not disturb&quot; staff do not pay attention and proberutsya at the most inopportune moment.<br /> - Surface cleaning of the room, which was a made bed and towels with accessories. The dishes are not cleaned, the hot tub wasn't washed.<br /> <br /> A separate issue, service in the restaurant:<br /> - The waiters are very welcoming, friendly, but not attentive and forgetful, seated at the table, can wait 10 minutes.<br /> - 3 times we have to repeat and can easily mix up the meals; <br /> - Bring coffee and sugar bring. <br /> For the guests somehow secured one, and often not smart waiter, and others you in an emphasis do not see.<br /> <br /> In the restaurant, to the table behind which sat the day before, set up the third chair and when we wanted to sit for him again, we were not allowed, citing the fact that it's a table for three. Puzzled showed for a few (units 6) of other free tables, which is also substituted at the 3 chairs, do not understand the difference and politely explained that we wish to sit down for that, followed by a fairly polite explanation with the waiter, who then went to someone to find out if we sit here. So it would seem a trifle, immediately interrupts the relaxation in which you are; &quot;descends to earth&quot; returns to, from what is hidden. It might seem like a small thing until you find yourself on this island in the atmosphere much awaited solitude and relaxation, a trip here is not very cheap, booked a room for about half a year, and a lot of explaining to do then with the staff why they want to sit and eat, it seems not very relevant.<br /> In General, the service and the waiters in the restaurant leave much to be desired.<br /> <br /> Overall liked the hotel. Recommended!